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Three Things to Remember in Crisis

Mar 21, 2020    |   by Holli Fawcett Clayton

In this time of a pandemic—a national crisis—many of us feel helpless. Devoid of hope. Downright depressed, even. So I thought I’d write something to encourage. To ignite hope. To give you a reason to keep going, with a line of sight to sunshine on the other side of this incessant rain.

With pandemonium running rampant, here are three things to remember right now:

1. Panic is wasted energy. Think about it. If you were on a flight and the pilot was experiencing trouble with the plane, you wouldn’t want to hear “we’re all gonna die” over the loud speaker, right? You’d want the pilot to remain calm and channel every ounce of his or her energy into remedying the problem and saving the lives of those on board. We are piloting this plane together, friends. Stay calm and do your part. Stay home if possible and follow government recommendations. Don’t stockpile to the detriment of others. We can land this plane safely if everyone works together to flatten the curve.

2. Unity is key. Almost three years ago, I witnessed some of the greatest efforts of humanity that I’ve seen in my lifetime—the work of countless people here in Houston (where I live) to help victims of Hurricane Harvey. Back then, the heroes that stepped up in the flooding emergency didn’t stop to ask whether victims were people of color, Republican or Democrat, pro-choice or pro-life, Jewish or Catholic or Muslim or Protestant. They jumped right in to save a fellow man or woman, knowing that he or she was human—and that was all that mattered.

We are all human, and I pray that a crisis like this will unite us and bring out the best of our humanity. Again, stay home if you can. Do what’s possible to support local businesses. If you’re able, give paid time off for your housekeeper and others who depend on your money to feed their families. It’s gonna take a collective effort to conquer this.

3. Take heart, keep your faith, and don’t lose hope. When my youngest child was three weeks old, she was diagnosed with HIB (Haemophilus Influenza Type B, something for which infants are vaccinated at eight weeks). Death was a very real possibility; she spent five days in the hospital on oxygen, and suffered a partially collapsed right lung. It was terrifying. Today she is a happy nine-year-old who gets up in the morning and dresses for school that has been cancelled, and she plans daily play dates with friends via Face Time.

We’ve all experienced our own version of terrifying events in life, and we've found faith and resilience to press on. We are America, y'all. Land of the free and the home of the brave—full of some of the finest, most talented people on the planet Earth. These people are working hard, making every effort to find solutions. So take heart. We will get through this. And on the other side, we’ll be happy again with an even stronger resolve.

Just wanted to pen a bit of inspiration in the middle of this mentally and physically challenging time for our world. I hope you found some by reading this. Stay healthy, friends, and remember to tell those on the front lines how truly appreciative we are for their valor in fighting this war on COVID-19.

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