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The Superpower That We All Share

Apr 13, 2019    |   by Holli Fawcett Clayton

Today I finished my last session as a Junior Achievement volunteer for my daughter’s second grade class. Just before I walked out of the classroom, one of the kids brought me a homemade "book" of letters that were handwritten to me—one from each student in the class. I was very surprised and honored, as I had never received anything like this before. I couldn’t wait to read what everyone had written.

When I got to my car and began to read, the words immediately brought me to happy tears. There were thank-yous and compliments and fond stories of past Junior Achievement lessons all over the pages, in neat cursive writing that I was most impressed to see from seven and eight-year-olds. There was gratitude flying around everywhere. My heart was warmed. My soul was lifted. My bad day was no more. These small little humans had scooped me up and carried me high with their words, like superheroes.

I wish everyone could get a homemade book of kind words written about them. Because there’s a special power in a kind word.

Isn’t it crazy how words—when spoken kindly— can change the entire trajectory of your day? Or even your entire self-esteem? Words matter, more than we know. Unfortunately, we don’t always think about this when we use them.

Hatred has infiltrated our society. There is unkindness being spewed all over the place these days—especially online. It hurts my heart to see this. Because at the end of the day, we are all human. And though we may not all look the same or think the same, we’ve all got blood running through our veins and delicate hearts that beat in our chests and strong opinions that originate from our highly-developed brains.

We’re human. And inside every single one of us lives the very same superpower: the capacity to speak kindly to other humans.

I just wonder what would happen if more people chose to use this power.

Hearts might heal. Souls might be found. Self-esteem everywhere might soar up into unimaginable new places.

Words matter.

My husband uses a word that I love when he thanks me for something. He says, “thank you, beautiful.” For some reason, it always brings a warmth to my soul when he says this. Because I could be sitting around in my flannel pj’s with my hair up in a messy bun, not a stitch of makeup on, and the fact that he calls me “beautiful “makes me feel beautiful. His word choice is a superpower (believe me on this one, because rarely, if ever, do I actually feel beautiful, especially in middle age!).

If you’re human, you've got it. The power to write the kind note. To send the thank you. To give the compliment. To post the encouraging message.

And, perhaps most importantly, to refrain from internet hate-spewing.

We all have this superpower. Let’s use it, my beautiful friends. 

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