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In the New Year, Put a New Twist on Girls' Night Out

Jan 17, 2017    |   by Holli Fawcett Clayton

It happens every January. The hype of the holiday season has come and gone, and we’re left feeling isolated in un-decorated houses, regretting those indulgent choices that somehow led to thicker bellies, trying to muster the energy to exercise and tackle a brand new year. It’s enough to make you want to hide away and eat another entire loaf of that delicious pumpkin bread.

Let me steer you in the direction of a healthier, happier choice: plan a girls’ night out. With a new twist.

Recently, I was amazed by a phenomenon that caught fire on social media. It was the “secret sister” Facebook post, and the idea behind it was basically to create a “chain" of holiday gifts and keep it going among friends. This met with some criticism—a few warned that it was essentially a pyramid scheme.

But the proponents of the “secret sister” posts defended the idea, pointing out that the post was shared only with people they already knew—friends that would simply benefit and enjoy some fun by participating. And this got me thinking.

At your next girlfriends’ gathering, why not add a little something extra?

While you’re sitting around talking, drinking wine, and discussing every single thing in life that's driving you crazy, try this:

1. Go around the table and number yourselves, then ask each friend to write her number on a blank envelope.

2. Ask each friend to fill out a short list of “favorites" (click on my example in the "Resources" list below) and place the list in her numbered envelope.

3. Throw all of the envelopes in a pile and shuffle them.

4. Each friend will select an envelope and take it home (make sure you don't select your own number).

5. At home, each friend will open her envelope, review the enclosed list, and set a reminder to put together and deliver a SMALL (i.e., inexpensive) gift box filled with items from the list.

6. Within the next few days, each friend will then leave a gift—along with an encouraging note—on her designated friend’s doorstep.

Voila! Each of you will be surprised to find something you truly love on your doorstep, and you’ll be encouraged by the uplifting note. And it’s not a pyramid scheme… it’s a simple act of kindness and friendship! 

Ladies, if we are to truly stay connected, we must invest in our friendships. Try this small, easy way to do so and bring a smile to a friend’s face. (Bonus: you’ll have a “favorites” list for one of your girlfriends that you can keep on hand—perfect for birthday gift ideas!)

Instead of falling prey to the post-holiday blues, plan some girls’ time now… and look forward to some extra fun with a "favorites list" exchange this year.

Happy 2018, friends! 

Holli Fawcett Clayton
I’m Holli Fawcett Clayton, creator of Courageous & Connected, a website about human connection and the ways we can find it.
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