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When "Being Strong" Is Not Enough: Why You Should Ask for Help

We’ve all faced something hard in life. Death. Divorce. Depression. Alcohol and drug addiction. Aging. Illness. Financial woe. Devastating loss. The list is long. And when adversity strikes, we often hear the same words over and over again: Be strong. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. You’ve got this. You’re the strongest person I know, you’ll make it through. But what happens when strength is not enough?

The One Thing You Need to Start Including In Your 2018 Fitness Routine

Oh, those New Year's resolutions. Lose the weight. Ditch the carbs. Hit the gym. These are all great, but there’s something else that you need to start prioritizing. Something just as important as those reps you’re sweating through as your trainer screams ”five more, you can do it!” Something that might be even more valuable than consuming those heart-healthy omega 3s and leafy greens.

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