I’m Holli Fawcett Clayton, creator of Courageous & Connected.

I’m forty-five. I'm proud to be a wife, mother, and a good friend. I was once a daughter, but I’ve lost both of my parents. A long time ago, I was a young, ambitious attorney with an undergraduate degree in psychology (that I thought I'd never use).

Right now, that psychology degree is coming in pretty handy. Because as a stay-home mom in the throes of midlife, I'm feeling a little lost. A little out of place. Who am I? Where am I going? And who’s still gonna be around as I go gray and get wrinkled?

Recently, I sought encouragement from one of my favorite authors, fellow Houstonian Dr. Brené Brown. In reading her work, I discovered my fascination for her research on how people connect with things—and just how important connection is to our lives, especially as we age.

In the last few years, I've personally struggled with disconnection: the aftermath of an embarrassing divorce, the loss of my mother to cancer, the realization that I sacrificed my career for motherhood, and the challenge of parenting older children who will soon be gone. As the years pass, I continue to struggle with finding things to keep me going every day.

So I conjured up my lawyer skills and started writing. And only when I shared my struggles did I begin to feel better about them. Because the courage to be real and vulnerable can lead to deeper, more meaningful connection with others and can bring people together in truly unexpected ways. I write to connect.

My work has appeared on sites like HuffPost and Grown&Flown, and it has given me a new perspective and purpose.

Thus, I decided to create "Courageous and Connected," a website with a focus on connection--something that has had a profound impact on my life and that research has shown to be essential to our well-being.

So why should you read and follow this site?

Because we need connection just as much as we need food and sleep and air. Because I'll give you tools to help you feel more connected in a life full of disconnecting events. Because you'll read things here that make you feel less alone, less crazy, less isolated, and more empowered and valuable as a person. And because what we really need along the way is each other.

Let's Connect!

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